Consideration for your own Mental Health and that of your Team - 15/5/2018

| Tuesday May 15

Small Biz Matters – a half hour program each week where you can work ON your business rather than IN it.
with Alexi Boyd from Boyd Office Management Services
Date: 15 May 2018

Over the last few weeks on Small Biz Matters we’ve been talking a lot about beginning with the end in mind. Today we’re going to focus back in on ourselves as business owners as HUMAN beings and think about our stress points and ways to alleviate them.

Joining us today is Tim Hoopmann; experienced small business owner, qualified bookkeeper and expert in mental health education for everyone from corporate execs through to small business owners..

He’s going to help our listeners reconnect with valuing ourselves and valuing our staff to encourage a more productive healthier business environment. I think everyone from sole traders through to those with a J.O.B will benefit immensely from his expertise.

Welcome to the show Tim.

Topics we’ll be covering:

So where did your passion for helping small businesses with their mental health come from?

  • Understanding of what a small business goes through from the experience of running my own.

  • Joining Beyond Blue to give back – volunteering to raise awareness & raising funds. It was my high. Not about the bottom line, no expected return, give and take. Volunteering is giving only with nothing in return. It is joyous

  • Then they were looking for speakers – required training. I wanted to tell my story; the pressure of small business & mental health pressures.

So when you’re speaking to an audience what do you like to speak about?

  • For example - Men’s Mental Health Week – corporate (teaching about Beyond Blue and your journey)

Start with yourself, the business owner - Valuing your worth, time and yourself

  • You sound more confident in emails, onboarding becomes more professional

  • Taking care of yourself and your business

  • Once you believe in the value in what you do it’s much easier to

Improving Processes – create a better environment for your team

  • Question number 1 when sitting down with your employees as a one-on-one How was your last month (NOT tasks, deliverables, targets)

  • Valuing time then leads you away from Stargazing (bright shiny things) apps. Trying things out because you’re not confident in yourself so you shop around for apps. This takes time and therefore money.

  • But make sure the apps and software you use are specific to the tasks you want them to do. It takes the pressure off.

  • Share with your team your goals and make them part of the journey – give them a collaborative environment

    • Working in teams

  • Rethink your email systems – “silo” emails removes the team environment and can isolate employees

    • Think of this in terms of supporting your team rather than implementing something new

    • Example of staff member being bullied by client or fearful employees when they’ve stuffed up

    • Helps when the office closes to work out what is really urgent

    • When transitioning COMMUNICATE why you’re doing this and why its better for them. Actually go out and chat to them.

  • Rather than increasing the pressures of more clients, more work – look at streamlining your processes through automation (in your finance processes as example) and then the burden of work on your staff is reduced.

    • Understanding cashflow

    • Who can help?

    • The solution is really much simpler than you think – Dashboards with key measures, intuitive and easy to use, automate with programs like RB

  • Good communication is the key be clear what you expect your clients  

What can small businesses owners learn from the failures of culture in corporate?

  • Split system – high achieving pressure split to those without the pressures and they become more insular

To find out more go to their website:


Tim Hoopmann – Founder and CEO of Spinn Business Solutions

Tim Hoopmann has owned and operated a bookkeeping practice specialising in cloud services for over 10 years. He transformed his business from a desktop and paper based practice to a cloud bookkeeping practice, 100% online and paperless with streamlined and automated processes.

Tim utilised technology to change the way he serviced his customers by moving them online and streamlining their bookkeeping and finance. Showing them how to take back control and sit in the drivers seat of their business thus allowing them the freedom to focus on key revenue generating areas of their business instead of being buried in day to day processes.

Prior to running his own business Tim worked for Shell and Lion Nathan Brewing, gaining experience in sales, marketing, finance and operations. Tim has a big business mindset and transfers this to small business by focusing on his key pillars of success; strategy, people, process and systems.

Tim is passionate about helping businesses make the transition to being fully automated and cloud based though enabling the power of todays technology. This will allow for

greater freedom and the ability to enjoy a powerful work/life balance.   Twitter: @timhoopmann

LinkedIn: TimHoopmann Website: