Finder - an Australian EntrepreTech Success Story, building from concept to global viability

| Tuesday March 10

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with Alexi Boyd, broadcaster, advocate and small business owner.
Date: 10 March 2020

Small Business owners know there’s no such thing as an overnight success; it takes years of long hours, sacrifice and crappy two-minute noodle meals. So when you and your close friend have this idea and you know it’s got huge potential, how do you launch it from inception to a viable business, access funding for growth and then take on the world? And what happens when the horse bolts and you need to hold back on growth that’s too fast?

Importantly, you need self f  belief, solid strategy and to surround yourself with great people you know will guide you in the right direction.  Plus in a partnership (with a mate, no less) you need a foundation of trust and “squaring the ledger” with one another and those around you.

Today we learn from Finder - an Australian EntrepreTech Success Story.

One half of the founding team is Fred Schebesta Entrepreneur, speaker, author, Blockchain Australia Fellow, AFR Young Rich Lister 2019 who joins us today to share his fascinating journey and what’s in store for Australia success stories like Finder as they take the next, global step.

Welcome to the show Fred.

Topics we’ll be covering: 

  • The partnership and business relationship has stood the test of time and lasted over many years between you and Frank; what’s your secret to partnering with a friend and making it a success?
  • From the material that’s out there about and the journey, it seems to be all about being part of a team. As you grow exponentially how do you keep the team culture positive through the ups and downs?
    • How has your role as Founder evolved?
  • One aspect of business you’ve kept in your strategic planning has been to “square the ledger” with one another. What does that mean to you in the partnership and do you continue to integrate that into your team’s values set?
  • A typical mantra you use is “Building a business or exercising a tactic” Talk us though why an innovative business should be aware of this concept?
  • Growth can sometimes be too fast and overwhelm business owners. What are your practical tips for avoiding burnout and knowing when you’re “pushing the envelope”
  • What were some of the pivotal points in the growth of and did you really see them as important at the time?
  • Fred, you have a unique view of funding – you don’t believe in Unicorns but rather a Phoenix. Can you explain that to the listeners – especially those who want to succeed in the fast-paced Fintech industry.

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