Going it Alone - An interview with Robert Gerrish, Author of Flying Solo: How to go it alone in business & The 1 minute Commute - 18/9/2018

| Tuesday September 18



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Date: 18 September 2018

There are certain experts in our small business community who truly are leaders in their field, and this week’s guest is someone who has really walked in the shoes of small businesses. Robert Gerrish is one of the leading experts in Australia when it comes to Home Based Businesses. Formally successful in the marketing & advertising space he started the well known Flying Solo entreprise, which began as a support forum website & evolved into a magazine with a huge membership base of over 100k members. These sort of numbers indicating the real need for support and education, which home based businesses still lack.

Welcome to the show Robert.

Topics we’ll be covering:

  • Why I wrote this book

    • Tell us about your Small Business journey

    • Your inspiration and former experience which gave you the expertise to share with your readers

  • The biggest challenges home based businesses have (and how to overcome them)

    • Mental Health issues, the isolation

    • Distancing yourself from the home as a place you live to enable you to focus on a place where you can work.

    • Bleeding into family time

  • What are the main considerations when setting up a business from home

    • Different councils having differing allowances and regulations when it comes to setting up a business

    • Being organised and time management

    • Remembering the importance of ergonomic workspace and your obligations if you have employees in your home

  • How do I fill my days…  the notion of a 'portfolio business'

    • Marrying the creative and organised mind

To find out more go to their website: https://www.robertgerrish.com


ROBERT GERRISH ~ Bio & Introduction

Following a career in the marketing and design industry in London and Sydney, Robert made the leap to his own business in the mid 1990s.

Seeing a niche in the area of support and resources aimed at the ‘one-person business’, Robert launched the Flying Solo community in 2005.

With a small team, he grew the business to a member base of over 100,000 Australian freelancers and entrepreneurs, before selling to Pinstripe Media at the end of last year.

Back working solo, today Robert pops up regularly at conferences and events; supports individuals in the development of their ventures, and hosts a series of podcasts including: “The Business of Bookkeeping” (for First Class Accounts), “The Flying Solo Podcast” and his own “Mellow Brick Road” a new show that explores creative approaches to business.

His first book, “Flying Solo: How to go it alone in business” was a business bestseller and his latest, “The 1-Minute Commute“ was published by Pan Macmillan at the end of June.