How Small Business can Tap Into Gig Economy Resources... Confidently! - 24/7/2018

| Tuesday July 24

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with Alexi Boyd from Boyd Office Management Services
Date: 24 July 2018

In the second of our shows dedicated to the Gig Economy we welcome Ben Eatwell, the Chief Marketing Officer of WePloy. Last week we mentioned WePloy as a provider of short term admin staff to all businesses, large and small. Rather than a “race to the bottom” as many Gig websites offer (where it feels as though the lowest rate will get you the job) Weploy strictly adheres to Employment Law and payroll requirements, making it a compliant option for small businesses to utilise short term staff.

Today we’re chatting to Ben about the changing nature of employment in Australia. Without the aid of HR teams, in house legal teams and large scale data how can small businesses monitor, analyse and react to changes to their own staffing and those businesses around them?

Welcome to the show Ben.

Topics we’ll be covering:

  • Broadly your journey and what’s led you to be so passionate about WePloy and the service it provides to large and small businesses

  • Managing risk & uncertainty through workforce design

    • Headcount costs (admin, payroll, super) - for small business it’s a major hurdle

    • What sort of analytics should you monitor as a small business?

    • Do you move towards flexible workforce where you can potentially be under-resourced or hire workers who can be flexible in their ROLES to provide you with more than just their job description?

      • The difficulty here is projecting where you’ll need staff and hiring the right people.

    • The broad shift towards contingent staffing - what does that mean?

      • In corporate its being represented by a “flattening out” of company structures where employees are utilised for their skillset not necessarily for their job description. Leading to project teams being established across the company rather than one area of the company looking after a specific project.

      • And THAT’S what small business already achieves.

  • The impact of absenteeism on business

    • Be aware of your entitlement balances on your balance sheet!

    • Loss of productivity & affect on the bottom line but in a small business you’re more likely to feel the affect day to day.

    • Absenteeism isn’t just taking leave - its also when employees work from home.

    • A lesser analysed affect is the degradation of company culture, and the cohesion in teams dilutes.

    • BUT working from home reduces stress so there is a balance to be found.

  • Enabling scale through project based working

    • Improving communication between team members is a key skill and needs to be managed by the business owner - you are the project manager.

    • Explain what Role Atomisation means and why small business should be aware of it to use

    • Admin staffing can be a great place to start for initiating project based working into your business.

  • The role of contingent staff in the future of the workforce - Let’s talk about the value of Admin staff!!

    • What expertise can they bring

    • Short term admin employees can really change the culture of a workplace - Ben, can you give us an example of where short term admin placements have completely changed a business for the better?


About Ben Eatwell

Ben currently leads growth and marketplace for Weploy, an on-demand staffing platform whose vision is to create a more empowered and fearless future of work. Ben joined Weploy from LinkedIn where he lead the marketing function for the Sales Solutions and Marketing Solutions lines of business across Australia and New Zealand. With previous experience within media and market research as a General Manager, Ben has built and lunched multiple new divisions for a range of organisations, both large and small.

To find out more go to their website: