How to understand your worth and convey this to clients - Spotlight on Small Business Mental Health

| Tuesday January 8

Small Biz Matters – a half hour program each week where you can work ON your business rather than IN it.
with Alexi Boyd from Boyd Office Management Services
Date: 8 January 2019

Small Business owners are notorious for putting ourselves last. The business, our clients, our family are all well ahead of our health and wellbeing. And from a mental health perspective, when you put yourself last you devalue your work and eventually your worth. And then your business suffers.

We’ve all been there before as small business owners; underquoting, working late into the night when the client was late giving you the information you needed to get the job done, or marking down that final invoice because the amount “didn’t feel quite right”.

Did you realise you were doing that? Did we even think this was a way of devaluing ourselves and our work? Have you ever thought of what that action does to your bank balance? Well, now that I’ve got you think about it, let’s bring in an expert.

Tim Hoopman is a proud speaking volunteer with Beyond Blue, who works with businesses to reduce the stress and anxiety around running a small business. His business Spinn Business Solutions assists businesses to be more efficient and get some of that time back.

Welcome back to the show Tim.

Topics we’ll be covering:

  • Rules of engagement - don’t get in the quicksand in the first place!
    • Agreed upfront with a good engagement letter or terms and conditions in relation to the job, don’t argue about it later
  • How do you deal with your mental health when you are (usually quite abruptly) confronted with an unhappy client about their bills.
    • Offer to solve their problem
    • Sometimes it’s not you who can solve it - who do you recommend? Professional associations are a great way to start.
  • When No. is the right answer !
    • How to dodge the tricky clients - what are the signs?
    • How to tell if this is a speed bump or an ongoing issue you’ll need to deal with throughout the business relationship?
  • Does experience make it easier? If you been doing this for number of years do the feelings of failure and negativity get easier to deal with each time this happens?

To find out more go to their Heads Up website that provides information and resources on better workplace mental health :

Tim Hoopmann – Founder and CEO of Spinn Business Solutions

Tim Hoopmann has owned and operated a bookkeeping practice specialising in cloud services for over 10 years. He transformed his business from a desktop and paper based practice to a cloud bookkeeping practice, 100% online and paperless with streamlined and automated processes.

Tim utilised technology to change the way he serviced his customers by moving them online and streamlining their bookkeeping and finance. Showing them how to take back control and sit in the driver's seat of their business thus allowing them the freedom to focus on key revenue generating areas of their business instead of being buried in day to day processes.

Prior to running his own business Tim worked for Shell and Lion Nathan Brewing, gaining experience in sales, marketing, finance and operations. Tim has a big business mindset and transfers this to small business by focusing on his key pillars of success; strategy, people, process and systems.

Tim is passionate about helping businesses make the transition to being fully automated and cloud based though enabling the power of today's technology. This will allow for

greater freedom and the ability to enjoy a powerful work/life balance.   Twitter: @timhoopmann

LinkedIn: TimHoopmann Website: