Illness and Invoices - 11/4/2017

| Tuesday April 11

Small Biz Matters – a half hour program each week where you can work ON your business rather than IN it.
with Alexi Boyd from Boyd Office Management Services
Date: 11 April 2017

What happens when business owners become sick? Should you soldier on or take a few days off? Also, should a two-week invoicing cycle be enforced by the government?

  • High density of small business owners in the Hornsby area
  • What happens when business owners become sick? Stop and think.
  • Take care of yourself when you become sick - take a day off; turn phone/emails off and just rest
  • You are more likely to make errors and be less productive when you are sick
  • Don’t share your illness with co-workers
  • Employers rarely send sick employees home
  • 2-week invoicing period - never discussed in parliament
  • Countries like France enforce this, and saw an increase in profitability - accelerating their economy
  • Average invoice to payment time is 58 days