Is video content a MUST in your marketing strategy?

| Tuesday August 27

Small Biz Matters – a half hour program each week where you can work ON your business rather than IN it.
with Alexi Boyd from Boyd Office Management Services
Date: 27 August 2019

For years Geoff Anderson, video producer and best selling author has watched the video industry develop from an advertising medium only accessible to the corporates to one which any micro, small and large business can utilise in their marketing arsenal. The introduction of powerful video camera capabilities in our hand-held devices has meant anyone can produce high res, quality videos to showcase their products & services.

So why is it we are not all doing it? If the social media gods prioritise video content above all else why are not we making the most of these mini-personal computers and running around offering our thoughts and expertise daily?

Well, for starters we don't wear the hat of video marketing experts. Geoff Anderson has just launched his second book called Watch Me Now, leveraging videos to maximise your return on investment where he clearly points out that a Video is worthless if no one sees it.And he is here to teach us about not only producing great video content yourself, but how to engage with an expert to take it to the next level AND importantly how to make sure it is SEEN.

Welcome to the show Geoff.

Topics we’ll be covering:

  • Tell me a little about your small business journey (including your book) and why you’re passionate about educating small businesses
  • Why it’s crucial for small business to understand the power of video for their marketing strategy
    • Not just marketing tool but also communications tool for positioning yourself as an expert
    • Using video content to educate your audience - but WHO is the audience and what are you hoping to achieve from the video content?
  • Top tips for producing video content
    • Do’s and Dont’s for shooting
    • Audio is VERY important
    • When do you invest in the right equipment
    • When SHOULD you engage with a professional rather than trying to DIY
      (Casual, Community, Commercial content)
  • How can video content be used?
    • Like all forms of marketing measuring the metrics/diagnostics on your website is key
      (Be clear on why you are making the video - the purpose -what should you be measuring - views, downloads, donations, ticket sales, web visits??)
    • Don’t bury the website on “page 5” where no one will notice it
    • Add it as a link in your email signature!
    • Where SHOULD you showcase the video and what platform is best?
  • What are some examples in your experience of when small business has really leveraged video to promote their business in a really different way
    (Edward Zia - 3 x videos a day - quick and easy, effective, driving audience to his products)
    (Law firms repurposing content from live events)
    (5 x mistakes, How to, rapport)
    (Brigidine - personalised welcome video)
    (Ravenswood - school tours - live audience - strong conversion, emotional connection)

To find out more go to his website:

Producing a great video is step one. Step two is making sure people watch and engage with your video. Watch Me Now outlines how to ensure your video resonates with your audience and the different ways you can get it in front of the right people.

A videos is worthless if no one sees it.

Watch Me Now provides a framework on how to maximise the engagement and views of your videos. Knowing how to distribute your video and engage your audience is the essential step that is missing for far too many videos.

Watch Me Now explores how to think strategically about videos so that they are effective. Learn how to guide your viewers to take the next step in your engagement strategy.Watch Me Now will show you how to leverage your video productions across the various platforms that are freely available and the best practice when posting on social media.

In today’s business world, understanding and mastering video is an essential step to creating effective online engagement.

Watch Me Now explains how to maximise the power and impact of your videos.

Cian McLoughlin, Keynote presenter, Best selling author & Award winning blogger