Security! Get to know the risks, your failures and how to fix them

| Tuesday June 25

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with Alexi Boyd from Boyd Office Management Services
Date: 25 June 2019

We all know about online cybersecurity and the risks involved with being wedded to the online world - the viruses, the hoaxers, the scammers, the fraudsters and even our own staff. But are we losing sight of what’s really at risk?

What about security? The risk of loss, theft, destruction and the people factor who simply can make mistakes? Have you thought about that and the assets we need to protect? 

And importantly, what’s at stake if you lose it all. Sure, you can ensure you’re insured but why put yourself in that position in the first place? What can be done to mitigate the risk in that space?

Daniel Lewkovitz is a self-confessed Security Evangelist and CEO of Calamity Monitoring and he’s here as an expert to share with us how to protect your business from all the potential risks.

Topics we’ll be covering:

  • Why you can’t ignore security (even if you’re insured) or you’ll learn the hard way.
  • Daniel’s small business journey and what led him to start his own business in security monitoring, security consulting and disaster recovery.
    • Marrying an IT and security background
    • Security is all about protecting assets – whether these are tangible assets like buildings or cash as well as assets such as people, intellectual property, reputation.
  • What are the security considerations for business these days and are you only as strong as its weakest link?
    • Examples of risks small businesses face who don’t do a regular audit - From ‘glamorous’ threats such as armed holdup or terrorism to more mundane things such as credit card fraud, environmental catastrophe or electrical and Internet shutdown.
    • How much should you spend on security (money, time and thought)?
    • As you go through the list think about loss of clients in each and the recovery phase for each risk. Think of the time we needed to get back on your feet and NOW consider what you need to do to protect that asset
  • What can a small business do to Audit themselves
    • Start by identifying what are the ‘assets’ and the things you’re trying to protect.
    • What are all the things that can threaten these assets?
    • Risk changes whether you’re a government facility or a corner store. Adjust your review based on your unique threats and how comfortable you are with risk.
    • Determine how much (or little) is justified to address each identified risk.
    • How can you transfer risk to others in order to get it to an acceptable level?
    • Repeat the exercise every now and then as your risk level can change over time.
    • Preventable disasters
      • Benchmarks & experiences of similar businesses
      • Cameras, alarms, access control, fire risk
      • Consider your business location and your clients in that location
      • Protecting stock (which an insurer cheque won’t be able to replace)
  • Using different tech as a different uses to protect your business
    • Online security such as encryption, backups and firewalls
    • Security alarms and camera systems
    • Monitoring of alarms and cameras as well
    • The Human factor
  • What does security mean for everyone broadly in our community?
    • Mass crowds
    • Child safety
    • Security Industry

To find out more go to Calamity’s website:

About Calamity:

Founded in 2008 Calamity Monitoring (Calamity) is a modern, disruptive security and life safety company, unburdened by legacy systems, practices and old habits which plague older competitors in the security space.

Calamity in 2012 built Australia’s most advanced central monitoring station with the Centre for Advanced Security Technology and Leadership Excellence (CASTLE), a multi-million dollar project located in Sydney.

Calamity’s monitoring centre is A Graded and certified against Australian standards and was also the first provider in Australia to ever receive Five Diamond Certification which is an internationally recognised benchmark. Calamity also won the Optus Business Awards for Personal and Business Services Provider of the Year in 2016 as well as being an award winning employer of people with disabilities.

Calamity can install and monitor alarm systems and camera systems and is an industry leader in video monitoring, able to support hundreds of different camera makes and models. The company’s Silent Sentinel technology is also a leader in the fall detection and elder care space and has won awards for saving numerous lives.

Contact: or telephone 1300 300 24 7