The Current Business Lending Environment for SMEs - 16/1/2018

| Tuesday January 16

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with Alexi Boyd from Boyd Office Management Services
Date: 16 January 2018

Money and cashflow, cashflow and money…. Probably one of the most researched and sought after jewels in the small business education crown. And the two are intrinsically linked for every business out there. At some point during the small business journey we are likely to borrow to either buy capital, inject funds to pay off debt or the big one; buy a business. And compared to 5 or 10 years ago, the game has changed. It’s not just about the big 4 banks anymore. We hear about smaller lenders and that nasty word; “lending sharks” which we should all be fearful of. So now that this area of lending has opened right up how do you navigate the minefield?

Well as always we bring you the experts; Declan Burton-Clark comes to us from Valiant finance an organisation which specialises in bringing to business a business loan marketplace. Not only in this role but also as a Business Advisor with NSW Business Connect who we know to be great business advisors in Sydney, supporting

Welcome to the show Declan.

Topics we’ll be covering:

  • Who is Valiant Finance and how are you linked with Business Connect & the NSW Small Business Commissioner to support small business in Sydney?

  • Current lending environment for SMEs

  • What has changed and why

    • Criteria? Conditions? Ability to borrow

  • The future of business lending

    • How the game has changed when it’s not just about the Big 4 anymore

  • What do lenders look at

    • What reports do you need ready

    • How much financial data do you need to supply?

    • Are your personal finances also relevant

  • How to get "finance ready"

    • What do the big boys and new little lenders expect to see when you’re applying as a small business

    • How does a broker support you in this process

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