Top Tips on Working WORLDWIDE

| Tuesday March 19

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Date: 19 March 2019

The business arena has changed immeasurably in the last 30 years. From the dawn of the internet (1983)  to cloud based software and onto worldwide connectivity - this is a widely different world in which to operate a small business. But it’s also flexible and enjoyable, if you can make it work for you. The world is quite literally, your small business oyster.

So how do you navigate the software developments, client expectations and fast paced world of working worldwide? Technology implementation can be daunting. Well, if you’re a Small Biz Matters listener you just keep listening. On the show today we welcome Heather Smith, Chartered accountant. Cloud solutions expert. Business automation virtuoso. YouTuber. Podcaster. Author. Speaker. Sounds like she’s just the person to give us Small Business owners Top Tips on working worldwide and the best tools you’ve probably already got access to!

Welcome to the show Heather.

Topics we’ll be covering:

Working worldwide

  • You’ve told me that your practice fits in your handbag, can you share with us what tools you currently have in your handbag?
  • When you’re travelling how do you find suitable locations to work?
  • If you are operating with clients in different time zones - how do you balance work and personal/home time?
  • Can you share with the audience what you mean by the term ‘worcation
  • What are the advantages of working with an international client base? (Take advantage, or be aware of, the seasonality nature of your sector and your clients. In accounting for example different jurisdictions report at different times of the years
  • This could help to spread your workload!)
  • What are some Apps that can enable you to work as a Digital Nomad, from anywhere in the world? (to mention Calendly)

Efficiencies Expertise

  • Adopting technologies & why its important in every business
    • Where can we find the efficient and effective apps etc to use in our profession?
  • Big tools and small tools - MUST HAVE’s
    • Dashboards
    • Platform - online accounting - Bank feeds
    • RB
  • The difference between solutions (such as online accounting) and tools (such as tools that extract data from online accounting, or that trigger an activity)
  • MinuteDock - Time Tracking solution that enables you to track clients, tasks, activities, working across budgets, targets and budget goals.
  • Why it helps firstly to look more closely at the system you’re already using.
    • cloud based solutions are constantly evolving and releasing new features.
    • Contact existing software providers to find out about training opportunities then actually set time aside to train and learn all features.

Engaging with a bookkeeper  

  • How does this differ to an accountant?
  • How best to use their expertise
  • Why are more and more accountants are using bookkeepers more

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Heather Smith BIO

Heather Smith helps businesses reduce the time they spend on admin, improve their workflow, automate business processes and surface information to support data-driven business decisions. Throw into the mix some technology buzzwords like machine learning and artificial intelligence, you can think of it as employing robots in your business! By leveraging technology, people can spend less time in the business and more time on the business.

Heather helps businesses understand cloud-based connected technology through education.  She’s educated over one million people, via her YouTube channel, her Cloud Stories podcast, an online MasterMind group, and a curated Business apps newsletter  – all of which are available for free! Plus, she’s written nine business books including the Xero for Dummies series a business planning book, called Learn Small Business StartUp in 7 Days. Heather is a chartered accountant, has run her own practice, and believes professional advisors can work from anywhere, and support clients anywhere, by honing their ability to offer services online.