What is Neuro Linguistic Programming and how can mindset help you achieve in small business? With special guest Anne McKeown from 2MPower

| Tuesday October 6

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Date: 6 October 2020

So, What is Neuro Linguistic Programming and how can mindset help you achieve in small business? It’s certainly not a topic many are thinking about right now as small business in Australia finds itself in the deepest crisis since crisis’ were invented.

But it is exactly that - mindset - which might help you dig your way out of that hole we all find ourselves in. And mindset or mindfulness can come in many forms. Self talk, being thoughtful about how we communicate with others, believing in yourself and the programming that occurs as a result of all  these conscious changes are all examples of NLP.

Even those of us who don’t prescribe to this method of growing our business are utilising it without even realising it.

So let’s acknowledge it as a valuable business tool and start putting it to work.

Anne McKeown, is a highly regarded Master Coach & Trainer who empowers women to turbo-charge the results in their life and business, so they can enjoy more success every day. 

Welcome to the show Anne.

What is NLP?

  • Neuro, Linguistic, Programming. NLP - Neuro (our thinking), Linguistic (the language we use (self-talk) and communicating with others), and Programming  (our behaviour that comes as a result of our thoughts and language).
    • In the 1970s Grinder & Bandler wanted to uncover what made some people extra-ordinary/ successful and others not. They discovered it came down to 3 main things : Their beliefs (it is possible). Their mindset (open and positive).  Their strategies (action plan).
  • Every thought creates an emotion, this emotion triggers a reaction (verbally and/or physically). Successful people ACT they do not REACT. Understanding the power of the mind is key.
  • Awareness around your use of the language is very important. Especially if it’s negative self-talk.  We are often harder on ourselves than anyone else would ever be!  We kill our own confidence and sabotage ourselves with negative self talk.  If we split this word in two lan and guage – it is interesting because this word alone tells us that we can gauge what a person is thinking and feeling by the vocabulary they use eg: I can’t get any sales ... I will try...  I must…     I should… I ought to… VERSUS I can get two sales…    I will...  I choose to….  I want to…  I have decided to. (giving self permission and power to achieve).
  • Think of yourself as a communicator. What is your verbal language and body language telling the world?

And what about the mindset and its impact on beliefs and success?

  • Answer : Carol Dweck, prof at Stanford University coined the phrase ‘open/closed mindset’
  • Closed = black or white, right or wrong, we’ve always done it this way etc. NO GROWTH, NO CHANGE, NO PROGRESS.
  • Open = I’m open to learning and growing, I will listen then make up my mind, people are entitled to their views and opinions.
  • The person with the most flexibility will enjoy more success.
  • NLP teaches that our perceived limits are not our actual limits.

Is there a difference between the Conscious and Unconscious Mind when it comes to achieving our goals?

  • Answer : Yes. The CONSCIOUS mind is our goal setter.  It likes to be in charge of logical, conscious processes. It responds well to SMART.  (Specific.  Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timed).  When I read the words: goals/targets/aims they make me think of football, archery and darts!  Each of these sports encourage the player to focus in one direction.  All with the same result in mind – to score!  NLP teaches that if you don’t focus your thoughts on what you want to achieve - your mind will quickly fill with unnecessary worries and you will feel overwhelmed, exhausted and confused before you’ve even started to shoot (for a sale!)
  • Our UNCONSCIOUS mind is our goal getter because of the part of our brain known as the reticular activating system – RAS for short. Your RAS takes instructions from your conscious mind and passes them on to your unconscious.  You may have played spotto with your kids (start looking for yellow cars and they seem to be everywhere) that was what your conscious mind was focused on so your unconscious mind, did what it was told, and delivered what you were focused on.  This is why you should be careful what you wish for, if you only focus on your needs and wants, your unconscious mind will find you more needs and wants!

To find out more go to their website: http://www.annemckeown.com

About our Guest:

Anne McKeown, www.annemckeown.com is a highly regarded Master Coach & Trainer who empowers women to turbo-charge the results in their life and business, so they can enjoy more success every day. 

Anne is the owner of 2Mpower.co and has created a step-by-step proven ‘Process for Success’ that empowers women to take full control of their life and business by shifting the psychological barriers that hold them back. 

She incorporates NLP techniques when coaching or facilitating individuals and teams because she knows it’s not enough to tell people what to do - it’s essential to show them HOW to do it.

Anne is also a published author and the founder of Sydney Women’s Self-Empowerment Meetup which has over 500 members.