Why genuine connections with your employees are more important than ever

| Tuesday April 7

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with Alexi Boyd, broadcaster, advocate and small business owner.
Date: 7 April 2020

Working conditions have never been in such a state of flux. Across every country, industry, sector, structure, you name it; we’ve adapted like never before. Between laying off employees and re-hiring in a hurry, madly setting up correctly aligned remote workstations, equipment purchasing for staff, tech challenges... it is, as always, small businesses who lead from the front when it comes to flexibility.

But somewhere in there we all need to remember that our employees are actually HUMANS and not just chess pieces who need to adapt immediately to our needs.

So now more than ever it’s important for businesses to engage on a personal level with their workforce. To make sure you understand their needs as humans as well as your responsibilities as an employer.

Andrea Dzumla has across multiple companies, encouraged a diverse workforce which ticks all the eclectic boxes. Through a unique management style and genuine connections he’s managed to understand the individuality of his employees and adapt these relationships to the new remote workplace world we all now live in.

Welcome to the show Andreas.

Topics we’ll be covering:

  • Can you describe the unique nature of the Longtail UX workforce you’ve had in the past and why supporting diversity is so important as an employer?
    • In what ways have you supported that diversity in a regular workplace environment?
  • What sort of strategies did you use to support the diversity of those you employed? And in a practical way how did you implement this?
  • How can these be adapted to support small business with employees who has adapted to working remotely?
    • How can you keep your workers busy and know what they’re doing?
  • You’ve had a lot of experience working in the environment of fast paced start-ups. Is that concept dead right now? With the economy stagnating do we expect growth to stagnate as well? And how can we as business owners nourish growth in our own business at this difficult time?
  • Funding announcement InvesTech - there is investment out there and the practical way you

To find out more go to their website: https://longtailux.com/

About Longtail UX

Longtail UX has invented an entirely new way to make website content available and discoverable to users. Its patented technology aims to answer each user’s questions and to connect customers to the most relevant products, services and any other information from across the website in just one click.

By creating scalable landing pages for every long tail keyword related to a company’s product, the technology delivers a perfect match for every keyword searched by potential customers. As well as boosting traffic and conversions, the technology also ensures SEO investments are 100% measurable, providing detailed analytics that demonstrate results down to the individual keyword level.

Longtail UX was founded by Andreas Dzumla and Will Santow. Andreas is an ex-Googler and Dentsu Aegis Network agency GM. Will has more than 25 years of experience as a successful business owner and entrepreneur.

Next up for Longtail UX is the release of its new product - ‘Google SOS’ (‘Google Shopping Ads on-page Suggestions') which will allow online retailers to increase return on ad spend on Google Shopping Ads 20-30%, by creating landing pages that show multiple products related to the search, rather than just single items, as is currently the case with traditional Shopping Ads.