Why Leadership Qualities are Crucial to the Success of your Small Business

| Tuesday February 12

Small Biz Matters – a half hour program each week where you can work ON your business rather than IN it.
with Alexi Boyd from Boyd Office Management Services
Date: 12 February 2019

Running a small business can be a solitary existence; we work by ourselves and for ourselves and don’t consider qualities like leadership and mentoring to be an important factor in business development. But they are important not only to grow the business itself but for us too to grow as real humans. And we often don’t realise as small business owners how to tap into those qualities we possess.

Sometimes we need a bit of help and here at Small Biz Matters we’re all about developing your small business education through the expertise of others. Here today is Harry and Raj Nathoo from Keystone Focalpoint Coaching & Advisory to share with us their wisdom and experience. 

Welcome to the show Harry & Raj.

Topics we’ll be covering:

  • Part 1 - You’re under your own steam
    • What are considered leadership qualities?
    • Leadership isn’t just about leading others but actually having leadership qualities yourself. But WHY do we need as an individual need to access these qualities?
    • As individual leaders, why do we need to have these qualities?
    • Which key relationships in your business do you need to display leadership qualities? (without being a dictator!!)
      • Employees
      • Clients
      • Suppliers
      • Mentoring roles - other businesses
    • Part 2 - You’re the leader of a team
      • Running a team of any size means being a leader. How can an individual identify skills from their previous experiences which can then be used in a leadership capacity? but what skills can we draw upon from our former lives and experience to improve these skills?
      • What does a true leader look like? Can you provide examples of leaders that you admire?
    • Part 3 - Delivering happiness
      • Are there other options or programs we need to know about as small business which can help us run a team effectively
      • What unravels without being an effective leader and what can you do to recognise this before it all falls apart? How can a leader recognize that they are lacking the skills they need to be an effective leader?

To find out more go to their website: https://keystonefocalpoint.com.au/

Short Bio- Keystone Focalpoint Coaching and Advisory

With over 67 years of combined experience and success in both Entrepreneurship and in Corporate, we, (Raj, Rita and Harry) founded Keystone Focalpoint Coaching and Advisory.

We’ve encountered many SMEs that provide great expertise in what they do but struggle with the Employee and Cultural aspects of running a small business. Therefore, Keystone Focalpoint Coaching and Advisory was created to assist SMEs with bringing about Clarity in their business, identifying the gaps in their leadership, people and operations, help with management transitions, team training and building and growth and performance strategies.

Through the use of our partnership brand, EPIFINI - a world-first Artificial Intelligence business diagnostic tool, we are able to provide our clients with an unbiased, non-linear assessment of their business; like a health-check, and identify their strengths and gaps, so that action can be taken timely, cost-effectively and with least disruption.

Our business philosophy is simple: People do business with us because they trust us.

Alan, one of our clients, shares his story:

“We are a small but rapidly growing business in the building and construction sector in NSW.

The strong growth trajectory was exerting pressure on the leadership capabilities of the senior team who had each come to their role with widely differing social and educational backgrounds, supervisory experience, exposure to learning and soft management skills.

I approached Focal Point Coaching and Training from Bella Vista to assist with the introduction of leadership development program.

The program was comprised essentially of three components being an evaluation of each individuals behavioural profile and motivation, personal de-briefing and coaching to assist each person to build a personal development plan, and finally team workshops on change management, emotional intelligence, teamwork and communication. The FocalPoint team's deep experience in learning and development, coupled with their access to cutting edge tools and a great passion for real improvement against their client's objectives, underpinned the success of the program.

I cannot speak highly enough of FocalPoint's drive, commitment and focus on success.

The program has been extremely successful with each and every participant improving their personal leadership skills and contribution to their job and responsibilities through to our business performance”. Alan M – General Manager RTP

This is what some of our other clients say:

“I would like to record my appreciation of your excellent business coaching over the last few months. I have found your understanding of my ‘business problem’ refreshing and the strategies we have developed together, I believe, will give my business renewed purpose and direction.

On a more personal note, the ability to simply share my concerns with a business minded peer has given me more peace of mind!

You and your team have invested very heavily in me and I sincerely hope to be able to return the favour”. Jeff Harper-Business Owner

”….Raj showed me the different personality types, EQ values and motivating factors that drive each staff member and myself.  This was a very big revelation and I was able to identify each person's strength and weakness.  Thus allowing me to avoid a few potholes immediately and improve the way I communicate with my staff.

My staff have also been trained with regards to their own personality and communication style as well as the rest of the team's.  This has resulted in a greater quality of communication and improved the general atmosphere in the office.  It has also made my life easier as things are happening a lot smoother, staff morale is very high and they all seem to be a lot more engaged with work and finding solutions to the daily business challenges.

They are a lot happier, teamwork and mutual assistance have increased significantly.

I am very grateful for Raj's and team's patience, professionalism and showing me how to be a better leader, listener and communicator, not to mention increased sales and quicker turnaround times”. Rene M – CEO Real Estate

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