The purpose of the establishment of the Bella Vista Business Alliance ("Business Alliance") is precisely this - networking, relationship building and business growth.

GWP Media is introducing the Alliance to the Western Sydney and Sydney business communities.

GWP Media is a major media and marketing service provider in the area. Its ownership of BiziNet Magazine will help the Alliance and its members to promote our strong business group, its members' products and services and bring the whole region to the wider business community's attention.

No other such business group exists in Sydney that has its very own publication, with the exception of the NSW Business Chamber. This is a great chance to grow members' businesses and to attract more new enterprises to the area.

There will be some rules which differ from those of the old-fashioned business organisations. The Alliance's primary policy is to serve its members' business interests.

Some of those policies I would like to bring to your attention.

There will be no bureaucracy - no board of directors, no costly general managers, and no office to run.

The membership of the Alliance is by invitation only. However, any business can apply to join. The Alliance will retain the right to reject an application if the applicant does not meet its requirements and policies.

The Alliance's membership fee is not just another expense for its members. Rather, it is a payment that involves the purchase of a particular business product. Different levels of membership are available.

Guest Speakers generally will be Alliance members. However, the Alliance can invite an outsider, and even pay a fee to a guest speaker, if this person is of great interest to the Alliance, is likely to attract more new members and increase the Alliance's profile in the business community.

The Alliance will run multiple events for its members. These include traditional Business After Fives, breakfasts and other events in and outside the area, such as golf days, race days, picnics and the like. The Alliance will also have lunch events with special guests for interested members on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. These events are planned to take place in the Bella Vista Hotel's Private Boardroom.

The Alliance is set to be a benchmark networking project based on the best values of entrepreneurship and is calculated to foster the private enterprise spirit in the business community. This initiative will quickly develop into a major business networking project in Sydney's West.

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