Are you interested in generating quality business referrals? Do you want to learn how you can build your business through successful networking? Are you looking to expand your business into the North Shore area? Be part of a growing networking group.

Our aim is to be the biggest and most successful networking groupon Sydney's North Shore.
We achieve this by joining up with like minded business owners who want to grow and prosper.
There is no overlap of professional services in our group so there is no competition. What we do have are compatible professions that can share clients without any worry of losing those client. In fact, they can offer their clients a much larger variety of services and solutions than they could ever hope to offer on their own. That is clever business - that is Building Business.

Our motto is ‘Smarter Networking, Better Business’. We believe that throughsmarter networking, we start to form relationships. With stronger relationships and deepening understanding, we develop trust. When we trust our colleagues and fellow members, we are happy to actively refer them. They have achieved the status of business partner and have become part of our trusted network. This is the secret to doing better business.


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