Are you looking for a networking group that feels more like you're in a room full of friends than a 'networking breakfast'?

That's what BBG's all about.

You'll find that we're more relaxed than most networking groups. We hold our regular meetings fortnightly, rather than weekly - which can feel a whole lot more manageable if you're a busy business owner. And then, every alternate Thursday, those of us who can, meet for a quick catch up over coffee at a local cafe.

In case you're wondering, our fortnightly format still allows for plenty of business referrals to get shared between our members. You can check out the testimonials as to how much on our website.

Visitors often leave with referrals too.

In fact, one recent visitor, left our meeting having gained 8 new customers - some of which will be ongoing. So if you're tired of the same old networking meetings, with the same old rules and regulations of 'turn up, bring visitors, bring referrals - OR ELSE' - join us for breakfast. Experience a different kind of networking. It's fun and it works.

With some great cafe's close by you can join our members and pick up a coffee and some breakfast to enjoy during the meeting.

What else do you need to know?

Please arrive by 6.45am sharp (with your coffee and breakfast) as we meet in a seviced office and need to all head up in the lift together. If you require any assistance with your booking or on the day of the meeting, please contact our Vice President - Jennie Tonner 0413 654 298 or our Secretary - Harry Charalambous 0417 209 416.

There is no overlap of professional services in our group, so there's no competition. Once you're a member, you 'own' your professional spot. So what you'll find is a mix of compatible professions that share clients without any worries of losing clients. Being part of the BBG membership often means you can offer your clients a much larger variety of services and solutions than you could ever offer on your own. That really is clever business.

For us, it's all about getting to know each other as people, having a laugh and over time building up enough trust to do (or refer) business to our members. After all, you don't want to do business with people you don't like. So that's where we start - building relationships over time. Networking isn't a 'quick fix', or a 'numbers game', it never has been. Once those relationships are formed, referrals build not only within the room, but to the people our members know outside the room and then several generations deep.

That really is a better way to do business
Join us and find your new business networking home.


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