There are so many exciting flavours in Japanese food, it was hard to decide what to include. So we picked the ones that work best in winter and that we think you will like right now.  The joy about Japanese is that there are smaller portions that come together to bring a flavour and textural range.  Ginger, soy, sweetness, crunch, slippery (noodles) with dipping sauce, and rice but all made on a great broth that brings out the flavours of the key ingredients. 
This is our menu for this Friday Night 7th August 2020. Please note It is a set menu. Each course is served separately. 
Japanese Salad is a great way to get the juices flowing with that distinctive salad dressing that brings together rice vinegar, soy, mirin, ginger, garlic and sesame oil that gets splashed across some great green leaves, avocado and other salad favourites. 
Dumplings are the best don't you think?  Gyoza, are a particularly great experience with a crispy pillow that has at its heart a hint of ginger with pork, vegetables and flavours on the inside.  And the all-important dipping sauce. 
A steaming bowl of seafood and vegetable Tempura Ramen is perfect in these chilly nights. This dish is built on our homemade chicken stock and we will bring in the flavours and noodles that make this a great slippery succulent soup. 
Teriyaki Chicken with onions and vegetables over rice is a joy. 
This dessert is really pretty.  We will be providing a layered Panna Cotta with sake and berries jelly and a blood orange seasonal fruit compote on top.  I have a blood orange tree so you will be enjoying the fruit that is organic and just off the tree.
How does that sound? It will taste good too. Oh, and we won't make you eat with chopsticks. 
$60 per person
Please note the image links are provided as a guide for you. 
We look forward to seeing you on Friday for this week's experience
Kind regards, 
Aranka Nolan 

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