Setting Up for Success: How to Grow a Successful Digital Creative Business

Peter Drucker once famously said that a business has only two functions: marketing and innovation. So growing a successful business should be as simple as making great products and selling them, right?

What are the things you need to consider when starting a digital creative business? What do you need to learn about you, your business and your market?

In this session we’ll explore the many variables that it takes to get right to get a digital creative business to grow – finding your niche in the market, identifying the right people to work with you, focusing on your minimum viable product.

Panelists will be announced in July.



6.00pm Arrivals, Drinks and Networking

6.30pm Presentations and Panel Discussion

7.00pm Q&A

7.30pm Networking & Wrap

8.00pm Event Wraps


About the Chatswood Digital & Creative Hub

The northwest Sydney region is renowned for it’s digital and creative businesses, across media content creation, sound and music, entertainment, communications, design, and gaming. Willoughby City Council is currently working to assess ways to continue to support these industries to grow, including a Chatswood Digital and Creative Hub.

The Chatswood Digital and Creative Hub would offer physical workspace including specialist facilities for digital creative businesses, hosted by a Community Manager who facilitates networking, mentoring, and learning opportunities for both members and the public.

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