About Anna's Events​

Attendees have walked out of Anna's presentations feeling knowledgeable, empowered and motivated about â€‹telling everyone about their business. PR for business is knowledge that EVERY start-up or entrepreneur should know. During her events,  Anna will teach you:

  • Why a good PR story is up to ten times more effective than a paid advertisement
  • How to create a story angle the media will love
  • How to use a 'hook' to attract media attention
  • The best way to pitch a story to an Editor or TV/radio producer
  • The different ways of grabbing the media's attention to generate stand-out coverage for your brand
  • How to run an effective social media campaign
  • Why you’re not getting results even though you have thousands of followers on social media
  • How to position yourself as the expert in your industry
  • How networking and events can help build your business from the bottom up!
  • An overview of the different types of promotion for business
  • Other effective PR activities that are LOW cost or NO cost​

Empower yourself to learn all about PR. Your business will thank you. Please scroll back up to book, and head to the Contacts page to arrange a phone call with Anna should you have any queries. 


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